Gower Salt Marsh LambGower Salt Marsh LambGower Salt Marsh LambGower Salt Marsh Lamb

Delicious Lamb
from the Salt Marshes

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The Gower Peninsular lies to the west of Swansea, jutting out into the Bristol Channel.

As Britain’s very first ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’, its southern coastline is a well-known tourist area, renowned for its sandy beaches and beautiful rocky coves. Not so well known are its northern shores, which consist of a large salt marsh covering about 4000 acres of land within the Burry Estuary.

The sheep graze on this tidal marsh and gain their main nourishment from this unique pasture, which consists of saltmarsh grasses, samphire, sorrel, sea lavender and thrift. 

The unique environment where the sheep graze gives the meat its distinctive and very special flavour that is so sought after, by connoisseurs of fine meat, top chefs and restaurateurs alike. 

All Gower Salt Marsh Lamb is fully traceable and are born on the farms where they live and spend most of their lives grazing the salt marsh. 

This marsh contains a natural abundance of Samphire, Sorrel, Sea lavender and Thrift, not only a tremendous source of nourishment but delicious on its own. Samphire is available when in season from the Castle farm shop.


We can hardly believe the journey we have been on over the last 18 years. 

In 2004, having grazed herds on the salt marshes for many years, Rowland and Colin took the leap and started marketing and selling their Lamb as 'Gower Salt Marsh Lamb'

We acquired a trailer and 2 fridges and made a start with John butchering the Lambs, whilst Rowland hand wrote the labels and tied the bags. We will always look back at 2004 with fondness and wonder at how we managed it. 

Since then, we have received several awards with great pride and thousands of people have been introduced to the unique Gower Salt Marsh Lamb flavour. We have left the trailer behind for a fully renovated farm building specifically designed for the butchery of our lamb, at our premises at Weobley Castle.
We now have 2 vacuum packing machine and a label printer, thankfully saving some of the work load. With 2 walk in fridges and a display fridge helping us go through hundreds of Lambs every season. 

We now attend food events in the area, and enjoying hosting jazz, VW and beer festivals on the farm where the attendees enjoy our lamb. We supply several great venues and michelin winning restaurants with the lamb.
We have come a long way, and are as dedicated as ever to providing genuine award winning Gower Salt Marsh Lamb.


In August 2021, we were delighted to be the first recipient of the PDO award. A proud moment, the award put our unique product on the map, with UK and global media interest over the coming weeks.

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Our lamb is now on par with champagne and other wonderful products.




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