Gower Salt Marsh LambGower Salt Marsh LambGower Salt Marsh LambGower Salt Marsh Lamb

Delicious Lamb
from the Salt Marshes

Our Lamb

The unique environment where the sheep graze gives the meat its distinctive and very special flavour that is so sought after, by connoisseurs of fine meat, top chefs and restaurateurs alike. 

All Gower Salt Marsh Lamb is fully traceable and are born on the farms where they live and spend most of their lives grazing the salt marsh. It is truly Welsh Lamb to be proud of! http://www.eatwelshlamb.co.uk/welsh-lamb

This marsh contains a natural abundance of Samphire, Sorrel, Sea lavender and Thrift, not only a tremendous source of nourishment but delicious on its own. Samphire is available when in season from the Castle farm shop.  

UK Delivery

UK Delivery

We can post our Lamb products anywhere in the UK to your doorstep. We use a reputable courier service for a 24 hour delivery. We use Woolcool boxes with environmentally friendly wool insulation, it is reusable and recyclable. We will arrange courier arrivals for Wednesday on normal working weeks.

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Our Lamb

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